Illicit drugs destroy innumerable individual lives and undermine our societies. Confronting the illicit trade in drugs and its effects remains a major challenge for the international community.
Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations
The Malaysian National Association Against Drug Abuse (PEMADAM), the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) and the Malay and Islamic World Secretariat (DMDI) collectively organised the IFNGO Youth Health Lifestyle Workshop which took place from 15th to 18th November 2015.
As part of WAY contribution, a workshop with a theme of ‘Youth Stand Against Drug Abuse’ commenced from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. at PLKN Jaya Gemilang Camp, A’famosa Resort, Melaka, Malaysia. This theme was selected to address the issue of drug-abusive behaviour which continuously causes negative results to the society including youth; encourage youth to partake in anti-drugs abuse activity; promote a healthy lifestyle; as well as raise awareness and educate youth on the importance in attaining a healthy generation, free from drug abusive behaviour and drug addiction.



The workshop was chaired by Miss Ediola Pashollari, WAY Secretary General. Present at this workshop were also heads of various departments in WAY Secretariat including Miss Soekmawati, the Programme Officer; Miss Kebareileng Matlhape, the International Relations Officer; Mr Arya Seraj, the Fundraising Office, Miss Dorothy Chipfunde, the Publication Officer as well as an intern, Miss Aqilah Yasmin Binti Mohd Deli who is a student from Multimedia University.
During the welcoming remarks, Ms. Ediola Pashollari introduced the theme of the WAY workshop ‘Youth Stand Against Drugs’ and welcomed all participants to the workshop. She emphasised on the significance of youth participation in drug prevention programmes and how it builds upon moral values, which are the foundation for unity and cooperation.
After a briefing by Miss Ediola, the young people were grouped into seven groups to discuss on the possible recommendations on how youth could stand against drug abuse in each of the six surroundings which are public sector, private sector, NGOs, society, media, and family. These recommendations were also used as a prominent material in guiding the drafting of the Youth Resolution, outcome document of the whole event. Besides conducting the workshop of ‘Youth Stand Against Drugs’, WAY also assisted in the drafting of the Youth Resolution which was presented on 19th November 2015 at the 26th IFNGO World Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
In general, the WAY Workshop was edifying and invigorating, as participants shared their analysis and knowledge. It was, undeniably, a prolific workshop which marks as another successful event of the World Assembly of Youth.