Youth Satellite Event - World Innovation Forum

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THE WAY Satellite Event, Youth Innovation: "Ideas of Today; Realities of Tomorrow", took place on the 11th of November 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a prelude to the World Innovation Forum 2013. The event aimed to highlight the importance of experts and young innovators coming together to share experiences, discuss and deliberate topics and strategies on innovation for development. A total of 120 delegates from over 16 countries were present at the event.

The event was declared open by Ms. Ediola Pashollari, Secretary General of World Assembly of Youth (WAY). In her speech, which was delivered by Mr. Louis Muhamiriza the programme coordinator of WAY, she highlighted the importance of paving the way for opportunities in innovation development from youth perspective, and showcasing and promoting youth innovative ideas in a bid to motivate young minds. Moreover, she emphasized on creating a platform for young people and experienced speakers to exchange ideas.

The first session focused on Science and Technology, as the speakers showcased how in this era, science and technology remains vital and yet subtle, in our day to day lives. The second session focused on innovation and arts, as the speakers demonstrated how innovation can build new avenues of creativity for young artists.

Before the lunch break, the participants were welcomed by Dr. Mazalan Kamis, the CEO of Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM). In his remarks, he thanked the participants for taking part in making World Innovation Forum 2013 a great success and urged all the delegates to participate in innovation workshops in the coming days.

The third session entitled "humanities and social sciences" encompassed talks about methods and technologies enhancing the work done by NGOs and academic institutions as they excel in magnifying their impact domestically, regionally and globally. Whereas, the last session entitled alternative innovation explored other platform in which innovation can act as the main catalyst for a breakthrough.

Closing remarks were given by Ms. Sharmila Mohamed Salleh, Senior Programme Manager at YIM, one of the main organisers of World Innovation Forum 2013. She emphasized on the critical role of young people in driving our society forward as she strongly stressed that innovation has rapidly become the tool for the young people to reshape the future they desire.

The event was concluded with the exchange of tokens of appreciation to all speakers and group photo session.