1st Annual Transforming Leadership Worldwide Conference and Arts/Music Festival

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We are pleased to announce that Mr. Chet W. Sisk, the WAY Global Leadership Development Specialist, has created three opportunities for jobs, partnerships, social enterprise and a whole new approach to leadership.

In partnership with WAY and CO-LEAD, we are hereby announcing the 1st Annual Transforming Leadership Worldwide Conference and Arts/Music Festival to be held on 8th, 9th and 10th October 2015 in Denver, Colorado, USA. The conference shall combine networking with project presentations, hip hop music, slam poets and inspirational speakers. The conference is schedule to take please on the beautiful Auraria Campus of the University of Colorado, in the heart of downtown Denver, USA. The conference focus is on new leadership models that emphasis new models of leadership that utilize connectedness, sustainability, vision, job creation and personal empowerment. Find out more at www.coleadinternational.org

The conference will be preceded by a 60 day virtual internship (August and September) for a limited number of students interested in developing projects around sustainability, social enterprise, the sharing economy, feminine principle leadership, food security, lateral organizations and collective impact. All interested in doing the internship, should write to Chet directly and express interest via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The CO-LEAD Masterclass online leadership training class is set to begin on July 17th. This class is a weekly webinar that allows youth to talk to leaders, activists, CEOs and other looking to find employees, partners and collaborators on projects that emphasize sustainability, vision, connectedness, food security, community wealth building and personal development.

Find out more at www.coleadinternational.org

Concept Note (PDF)

MasterClass- Registration Form (DOC)

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