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The World Assembly of Youth is proud to partner with Yayasan Salam Malaysia and International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) for the 15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference and IAVE Asia Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference, scheduled to take place at KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 22nd - 26th November 2017.

Asia Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference: 22 - 23, Nov 2017

In IAVE Volunteer Conferences, we develop a parallel Youth Conference or Youth Track, to get to know more about the work that youth volunteers are doing in each region, analyzing their lessons learnt, the struggles they go through and the needs they face when performing their service activities.

Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference: 23 - 26, Nov 2017

In the years between IAVE Volunteer Conferences, we work through the elected Regional Representatives on the Board of Directors and national/local partners to convene Regional Conferences. Designed to fit the priorities and perspectives of each region, these conferences enable us to reach many more people closer to their home, to build local capacity and to strengthen our local and regional networks.

Join us and share your stories. To register please follow the link below: