A National Youth Policy (NYP) is a declaration and commitment of the priorities, directions and practical support that a country intends to give to the development of its young men and women. It clearly defines the place and role of youth in society and the responsibility of society to youth and should be supported by the following three universal concepts: 'Participation', 'Equity' and 'Cohesion'. (P. Kenyon, ICNYP)
Youth policies help mainstream the concerns of girls and boys in various sector ministries and in overarching international, regional, national, and local strategies. It is not only states that are called upon to take action here; the policies must be embedded in the institutions too. They should not be adopted as isolated policies, but should instead be integrated into more general national and international poverty reduction and development strategies.

However, a National Youth Policy on its own is not sufficient. It is also essential to have an action plan for policy implement with appropriate budgeting. Youth participation is a core element in the development, implementation and evaluation of youth policies.

The World Assembly of Youth values the efforts and commitment in planning and development of national youth policies highly as we deem vital for any country to include its most valued possession: the youth.

It is therefore, imperative, as the only coordinating body of National Youth Councils that we make an effort by firstly providing information on the current status of Natoinal Youth Policies and secondly provide guildelines on how to formulate Natoinal Youth Policies.

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