World Health Day- ‘Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle!’

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A busy and hectic lifestyle is a mutual experience for most of us today, especially in metropolitan cities. Active young people are often faced with several stressful obstacles, particularly during their most taxing activities in their academic and working life. A lack of proper rest, coupled with skipping meals and an imbalance diet are some of the accepted norms associated with today’s frantic lifestyle; the biggest repercussion of such patterns being hypertension (HTN) also known as High Blood Pressure. It is a shocking fact that between 1989 and 2002, the number of teenagers who have high blood pressure increased from 1 to 5 per cent, meaning that within 10 young people, one to two of them have been diagnosed with Hypertension.

In recognition of the risks that modern persons are exposed to with regard to today’s metropolitan lifestyle, the World Health Organization (WHO) has specially elected the theme of Hypertension for this year’s World Health Day. In light of the theme set by WHO, we as an organization, who specialize in youth related issues, feel that it is substantial to raise the awareness of young people around the world toward the importance of having a healthy body and mind. At the World Assembly of Youth, we do believe that within a healthy body, lives a happy soul! Being healthy is substantial for every one of us in order to remain productive and efficient in our daily lives. In fact, a good health is fundamental to a lively and creative mind, which in turn, is pivotal to the pursuit of goals and desires! It is a common saying that; most of the things in this world have a price, except our happiness and health.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of youth diagnosed with Hypertension in today’s modern life is a solidly unavoidable fact. Underlying to that fact, thus, is an obligation for us, to reiterate our call toward the commencement of healthy lifestyles among youth! Our previous 12th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD), for example, had focused on prioritizing the health of young people worldwide, as one of their fundamental rights. During this dialogue, we and other key stakeholders shared our ideas and thoughts towards agreeing in efforts of educating, promoting and raising awareness regarding youth health, at different levels of society.

As of today, together with the World Health Day, we urge our young friends from all around the world to undertake more healthy lifestyles. An unhealthy and improper diet, is one of major drivers toward excessive body weight; and in combination with insufficient physical exercises and excessive stress, heightens the risk of Hypertension.

In the end, you are what you eat! Eating a balanced diet and sparing fifteen minutes of your time a day for a basic exercise, such as jogging, is only beneficial to your long term health. Moreover, it is important for every one of us to remember to have sufficient rest, after a hectic day of working or studying. Being hard worker is important, but being healthy is equally substantial!

After all, prevention is better than cure. So, start now, live healthy, it will never be too late to practice a healthy lifestyle!