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It always seems impossible until it's done. Nelson Mandela. 

Every story needs a hero. A representation of everything that should be right for this world, everything we should aspire to. Today's hero is Nelson Mandela. A decent man, a man that spent the best years of his life, 27 years in jail, to fight for what he believed to be right and stood strong not only for himself, but also for the rights of others.

Never has there been a greater triumph of the human spirit in recent history, so that the United Nations decided to annually dedicate 18th of July, Mr. Mandela's birthday, to commemorate his achievements of life as the Nelson Mandela International Day.

Nelson Mandela is the embodiment of values such as freedom, equality, respect and values that we, the youth need to embrace, as we aspire to a brighter future, which we hope to be engulfed by world peace and harmony. Nelson Mandela International Day is a global call for people to recognize their ability in order to have a positive effect on others around them, by being persistent, determined and dedicated to their core values and principals.

As an interesting initiative, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, supported by the UN, calls for people to devote 67 minutes of their time to help others, as a way to mark this precious day. These 67 minutes shall represent the 67 years he had spent fighting for social justice and many philanthropic endeavours. This allocated time shall be put forward in spreading love and compassion to your fellow human beings, those less fortunate than you, and those just like you.

On his 95th birthday, let us all thrive to ensure that the work and accomplishments of this great visionary man will never be forgotten. This is the best moment to celebrate the life and work of 'Madiba', as the father of all humanity. The man who has overcome so much heartfelt obstacles still continues to stand strong even during his recent recovery in health.

We at WAY, would like to wish him the most prosperous health and shall continue to make every day a Mandela day, by striving liberty for the youth and help them to overcome the challenges ahead. We urge youth and youth leaders to continue instigating change, positivity and progress within their communities and society at large.

WAY aims to raise awareness by celebrating the Nelson Mandela International Day and encourages young people to take a moment in doing something virtuous for one and other. Youth are the drivers of change and the future leaders of the world.

Let us make this world with more Nelson Mandela alike people who shall be full of compassion, respect and kindness.

Happy Nelson Mandela International Day!