International Youth Day

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Young men are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and fitter for new projects than for settled business.  /Francis Bacon/

Young people make up one-sixth of whole human population while their curiosity and passion has no boundaries. Youth with their bursting energy and enthusiasm are the key to the world's future development.

The United Nations (UN) has always aimed to encourage young people to be actively involved in positive change within the society and help to motivate their environment for the best. In order to acknowledge and realize the importance and great role that young people play, UN has selected 12th August as the International Youth Day (IYD) to annually commemorate the youth. Through this initiative, UN intends to raise awareness regarding youth-related issues and recognize the efforts of youth from all around the world in enhancing global society. The idea emerged by young people in Vienna, Austria at the first session of UN's World Youth Forum in 1991 and was first put into practice in 2000. 

This year's International Youth Day's theme is 'Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward' has been chosen based on the recognition of the fact that youth migrants make up 30% of overall international migrants.

Acknowledging all the risks associated with migration, migration offers young people precious opportunities to contribute to the positive development of their communities. Thus, by picking youth migration as a theme, this year International Youth Day is expected to raise awareness and share knowledge regarding both the risks and opportunities of Youth Migration.

In line with this year's theme, we at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), have realized the importance of Youth Migration in the lives of young people today. To emphasize the importance of the topic we have chosen 'Youth Migration: A Step from Haven' as our theme for the 13th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) which will be held between 12th-14th September 2013.

Through this dialogue, all participants ranging from young people, youth leaders, public and private sector officers, and NGO representatives are going to gather to call for action and structure experience on the issue of youth migration. The outcome of this dialogue is projected not only to educate and increase awareness on the adversities and prerogatives of Youth Migration, but also to enhance youth contribution to the 2013 World Youth Report.

We would like to encourage young people to actively participate and partake in activities related to the International Youth Day as well as to take advantage of being able to develop ideas on how to further improve the policies which are beneficial towards Youth Migration.

Don't hesitate to take the lead and be the change and the energy that helps to move Youth Migration to a greater level.

In commemoration and conjunction with this significant day for the youth, WAY is launching its brand new website, where young people can get informed about youth related issues based on UN Development Goal's guidelines as well as national youth councils and national youth policies of each country.

Happy International Youth Day!