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Africa Youth Day was declared and established on the occasion of the Africa Youth Charter adoption in the Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit in 2006 as the official day for the celebration of Africa Youth Day.



Observed on the 1st of November yearly to promote an increased recognition of youth as the main agents for social change and economic growth in all aspects of the African society.

The theme for this year’s Africa Youth Day is “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in the Youth”, further highlights the importance of young people as the main contributors for a sustainable development of the African continent through their energy, motivation, and idealism.

In 2017, there is an even bigger need to access youth contribution and participation towards harnessing the demographic dividend, and not merely the actions and development driven by governments and organisations. African Youth Day seeks to focus on youth being the drivers of change and coming to the realisation that the future is now.

As referred to in Agenda 2063, Aspiration 6 states that the realisation of tangible actions by 2063, are to also include the insurance that development in Africa is people driven, relying on the potential of African people, especially its women and youth. It is aspired that by 2063, we will have an Africa that has engaged and empowered youth.

The campaign for Africa Youth Day (AYD) is #BeTheFutureToday which calls on African youth to seize the unique opportunity of the demographic dividend to accelerate deliberate contributions towards Africa’s development.

In line with this, the World Assembly of Youth stands in as a voice for young people and also believes that young people should be placed at the forefront of development. There is also a need to increase awareness on the need to engage young people in debates concerning the progress of the Demographic Dividend.

Happy Africa Youth Day!