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International Human Solidarity Day is a day to celebrate our unity in diversity; a day to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements; a day to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity; a day to encourage debate on the ways to promote solidarity for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals including poverty eradication; a day of action to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

Solidarity refers to a union of interests, purposes or sympathies among members of a group. In the Millennium Declaration world leaders agreed that solidarity was a value that was important to international relations in the 21st century. In light of globalization and growing inequality, the UN realized that strong international solidarity and cooperation was needed to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. The UN was founded on the idea unity and harmony via the concept of collective security that relies on its members' solidarity to unite for international peace and security.

Therefore, the UN General Assembly, convinced that the promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing is important for combating poverty, proclaimed 20 of December as International Human Solidarity Day. Through initiatives such as the establishment of the World Solidarity Fund to eradicate poverty and the proclamation of International Human Solidarity Day, the concept of solidarity was promoted as crucial in the fight against poverty and in the involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda is centred on people & planet, underpinned by human rights and supported by a global partnership determined to lift people out of poverty, hunger and disease. It will be thus being built on a foundation of global cooperation and solidarity.

The United Nations (UN) International Human Solidarity Day is annually held on the 20th of December to celebrate unity in diversity. International Human Solidarity Day highlights the importance of acting in common cause on behalf of society’s most vulnerable people. It aims to remind people on the importance of solidarity in working towards eradication of poverty. On this Day, governments are also reminded of their commitments to international agreements on the need for human solidarity as an initiative to fight against poverty. People are encouraged to debate on ways to promote solidarity and find innovative methods to help in eradicating poverty.

The 2030 Agenda recognises that a holistic approach is needed and that business as usual is no longer an option. If we are to realise the transformation vision of the 2030 Agenda, it is crucial to look at alternative development strategies that promote global cooperation, solidarity, and inclusiveness.

We at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) acknowledge the importance of promoting solidarity to society, especially to young people who will be the successors in inheriting all the resources that our world has to offer. In fact, in our forth and present Millennium Plan of Action, we emphasised on current issues encountered by young people around the world as we feel that there is a need to call for awareness so as to train the youth and youth leaders to work together in solidarity and make essential changes in matters affecting them.

It is our determination in preparing the next necessary steps for developing young people to help those who are in need to create a better future for all.