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Global Money Week is important, because children and youth are the focus of change. They are tomorrow’s business leaders, parents, and teachers. They can unlock their potential when they believe in themselves. They can change lives, their own and others, when they have the right financial tools and knowledge. They can learn about money matters and resources and learn how to earn a livelihood and gain employment, but most of all; Global Money Week provides children and youth with a voice: a voice that can help reshape the future of finance.

The Global Money Week 2019 (GMW2019) organized by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), is an annual global celebration, with local and regional events and activities, aimed to inspire children and youth to learn about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and becoming an entrepreneur.

The slogan for GMW2019 is “Learn.Save.Earn”. Initially used as the theme of GMW2017 and transformed into the Campaign’s slogan, with a believe it conveys the key messages of the GMW Campaign and supports the goal of the Week by empowering children and youth to not only learn to manage their money wisely, but to help them transfer their knowledge to their families and to entire communities. In addition, the slogan ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’ helps everyone to create a variety of events and activities around these topics that help children and youth to Iearn to manage money wisely, save for their futures and earn for themselves and their families.

Today, less than 1% of all children in the world have access to financial education and financial inclusion, and one billion children live in poverty. Financial illiteracy results in many young people struggling with large amounts of debt, which results in negative repercussions on their development and well-being. Previous Global Money Week has reached 7.8 million children and youth, 137 countries, 23,738 organizations, over 72,759 activities.

Being a partner of Global Money Week since 2015 WAY realised the necessity of raising awareness on the significance of financial education and independence amongst young people. We have conducted educational and awareness campaign focusing on the importance of financial education and independence amongst young people.

We at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), promote financial inclusion among young people where they learn about finance courtesy. We believe that Global Money Week is an opportunity for children and youth worldwide to celebrate economic citizenship education. It is an opportunity for youngsters to learn about creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and even starting their own enterprises. We want to make sure that the opinions of the next generation are heard so that the decision makers of tomorrow may take active part in the policy discussions of today.

Let us empower young people to become conscious economic citizens and teach finance matters at an early age, to allow children and young people to grow into financially responsible adults and for our national economy to benefit as a result. Therefore, let us engage children and youth with money as it is vital and a lesson that must start at home.