World Humanitarian Day

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"From supporting civilians caught up in crisis to addressing disease outbreaks, women humanitarians are on the front lines." ~ UN Secretary-General, António Guterres ~ 
On this day, WAY advocates on behalf of the entire humanitarian community.World Humanitarian Day 2019 is set to celebrate Women Humanitarians and their undying contribution in making the world a better place. Women Humanitarians hold a sense of unparalleled uniqueness, one that adds to the global momentum of female strength, power and perseverance. It is time to honor the women who have acted as first responders to the darkest hours of crisis.
The theme for this year is Women Humanitarians, to honour the work of women in crises throughout the world. The focus is on the unsung heroes, who have long been working on the front lines in their own communities in some of the most difficult terrains, from the war-wounded in Afghanistan, to the food insecure in the Sahel, to those who have lost their homes and livelihoods in places such as Central African Republic, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. And we salute the efforts of women aid workers from across the world, who rally to people in need.
Women make up a large number of those who risk their own lives to save others. They are often the first to respond and the last to leave. These women deserve to be celebrated. They are needed today as much as ever to strengthen the global humanitarian response. And world leaders as well as non-state actors must ensure that they and all humanitarians are guaranteed the protection afforded to them under international law.
WAY supports this World Humanitarian Day in honoring those women who have tirelessly improved countless lives, showcasing incredible strength along the way. World Assembly of Youth (WAY), also voice out on behalf of youth in order for them to understand the human desire to live in a better world, but this will not be so without any effort. We also raise awareness on issues like gender equality, hunger and poverty and much more as gaining access to youth is our uppermost priority. It is an appropriate moment to call for a renewed commitment to humanitarian principles by all concerned.
The highest numbers of Humanitarian workers are young people and therefore we see the importance of international actions as the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs for addressing the causes, like poverty and inequalities, underpinning humanitarian crises. The role of youth in humanitarian action is important to us, as it is an important role, given that a majority of crises are directly affecting people.
On this World Humanitarian Day, let us once again remember the millions of people in need of help around the world, the humanitarians who have lost their lives and loved ones in the course of their work as well as the thousands of aid workers who have refused to be deterred and followed in their footsteps. Since 1949, we, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), stand strong for the human rights and fight for inherent dignity of every human being.