International Day of Democracy

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International Day of Democarcy
The values of freedom, respect for human rights, and the principle of holding periodic and genuine elections by universal suffrage are essential elements of democracy. Hence, the International Day of Democracy is celebrated annually on 15 September and it provides an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world. As democracy provides the natural environment for the protection and effective realisation of human rights. The major purpose of this Day is to encourage everyone, including governments, to protect human rights and participate meaningfully in democracy.
The International Day of Democracy is commemorated to educate the public about pressing issues, organise political will and resources to address global issues, and celebrate humanity's achievements. Hence, this year’s theme for the International Day of Democracy is “Strengthening democratic resilience in the face of future crises”. The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has resulted in major social, political, and legal challenges globally. Time has come to learn from the past lessons in order to strengthen democratic resilience in the face of future crises. We need to commit safeguarding of equality, participation, and solidarity for all.
We, at the World Assembly of Youth, seek to promote the aspirations of young people to strive for the realisation of shared universal values, such as: tolerance, pluralism, the respect of human rights, freedom, and dialogue. We believe that meaningful democracy requires the meaningful participation of youth. Young people have much to offer societies from innovation to creativity to new thinking. Their participation in democracy promotes active citizenship, strengthens social responsibility, and can enhance democratic processes and institutions.
As our contribution in observing the International Day of Democracy, we seek to participate in promoting democracy in every way possible by having a sense of responsibility, especially towards the youth, that is to protect their rights and ensure that their voices are heard. Since our establishment, we have recognised and adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in both our internal and external activities, including discussions, dialogues, and workshops with the aims of supporting and endorsing youth’s participation in the communities. Yet young people’s engagement with democracy faces significant challenges threatening the future of healthy democracies.
On this day, we would like to reiterate our call to all young people to be responsibly courageous in speaking up their thought and opinion, to contribute in making betterment and positive changes for better world of tomorrow. Let us commit to a future in which we recognise human rights and the rule of law as fundamental to democracy.