International Volunteer Day for Economic Social Development

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The International Volunteer Day for Economic Social Development (IVD) is held each year on 5th of December. This day is viewed as an opportunity for us to celebrate all volunteers by recognising their efforts, sharing their values, and promoting their work among communities, non-governmental organisations, government authorities, and the private sector. This is the day to express our utmost appreciation to the volunteers for their tireless and priceless contribution.
Nowadays, 70 percent of volunteer work does not involve any organisation but happens informally between people in their communities. Volunteerism is important for everyone, young people included, as it enriches our society, brings us together as a community, and strengthens civic engagement. It also safeguards social inclusion, deepens solidarity, and solidifies ownership of development results. Volunteers are actors of change and equal partners in the attainment of local, national, and international progress towards sustainable human development and global peace.
The theme for this year’s International Volunteer Day is "Volunteer now for our common future”, and aims to inspire people, whether they are decision makers or citizens of this world, to take action now for people and the planet. When people are encouraged to get involved in solving problems, the solutions are more likely to be feasible and lasting. Volunteers have the ability to engage communities and build a people-centric movement by helping to build a better and safer future for us all.
We, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), believe that volunteerism is an important part of creating a more equal and inclusive future for communities and worldwide, and we remain committed in encouraging, recognising, and promoting it to every individual and member of WAY. We also recognise the efforts put in by our volunteers and the contribution they make towards all programmes and activities in our global community. Since its establishment in year 2006, the WAY’s Volunteer Programme has grown and transformed the lives of many young people. This platform have linked youth from different countries, and it has empowered and trained a dedicated group of young people who are willing to assist WAY in achieving its set goals. It has elevated and developed them into true leaders.
Today is a special day to thank every person who volunteers for being at the frontline of every challenge, and for making sure everyone stays informed, safe, and cared for. Thank you for being there for the youth, for WAY, and the world at large!