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Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs, greater labor market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. In addition, women are more likely to be underemployed and under-paid, and to undertake part-time jobs or work under temporary contracts.

Press Releases: 18TH MELAKA INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DIALOG "Youth Engineering A Sustainable Urbanisation"

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Day 1: Arrival and Registration Day

Melaka, 24th June 2018 – THIS day marked another exceptional event for the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), as proud sponsors, participants, speakers and volunteers assembled for the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD), which is taking place from 24th to 28th June 2018 at Pantai Puteri Hotel in Melaka, Malaysia.

The theme for this year is 'Youth Engineering A Sustainable Urbanisation’ has been selected to uplift ideas and leverage the role of young people towards attaining a strategic and sustainable urbanisation. Moreover, the outcomes guided by this selected theme are expected to contribute favorably in youth development as well as betterment of societies as a whole. In this event, an interactive dialogue on this topic will be of significance to form, educate, increase awareness on the challenges and entitlements of youth for a conducive and secure environment that assures and supports their development fully at the different levels of society that they represent.

We have the honour to welcome various international speakers including Dr. Abdul Wahed Jalal Nori (Iraqi), H.E. Daris Dickson Ishaku (Nigeria), Mr. Mamadou Edrisa Njie (Gambia) , Miss Rene Fu Swee Yun (Malaysia), Dr. Amjad Rabi (Palestine), Aneet Aklesh Kumar (Fiji), Tauseef Rasheq Ahad (Bangladesh), Ganesh Dhungana (Nepal), Miss. Maryam Majidova (Azerbaijan), Mr. Mohd Riduan bin Ngesan (Malaysia), Mr. Fathudin Kamaruddin (Malaysia) and Dr. Wesam Al Madhoun (Palestine) who will share their expertise and experience in the plenary sessions. It was, indeed, an exciting moment to welcome the delegates and speakers from across the globe. An informal dinner was also held to welcome all speakers and chairpersons as well as to brief them on the detailed programmes for the next 3 days.

As a norm of welcoming the delegates, after the welcoming dinner, an ice breaking session was held in the evening to serve as a casual way to get all participants to mingle with one another. We received about 150 delegates from over 25 countries. With the arrival day gone, everybody is looking forward to both the opening ceremony and plenary sessions happening the next day. The participants will gain knowledge from the invited speakers and chairpersons that will challenge, encourage, inspire and stimulate them as well as highlighting on the significance of urbanisation. The day ended well as the young people were interacting with the speakers.



Day 2: Opening Ceremony

Melaka, 25th June 2018 - WAY Headquarters hosted yet another successful opening ceremony at the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (18th MIYD) in the Pantai Puteri Hotel here in Melaka, today.

The opening ceremony was officiated by President of the World Assembly of Youth, Hon. Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Idris Haron. Other dignitaries included Dr Amjad Rabi, A Deputy Representative and Senior Social Policy Specialist at the UNICEF, Malaysia; His Excellency Darius Dickson Ishaku, Governor of Taraba State (Nigeria); WAY Vice Presidents, representatives of the Asian Youth Council, the Commonwealth Youth Council,the Malaysian Youth Council and the Commonwealth Youth Innovation Centres; Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia including Her Excellency Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora, High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana and His Excellency Houmdaophone Soukhaseum, Ambassador of the Embassy Lao PDR as well as our very own WAY Secretary General, Miss Ediola Pashollari.

The Secretary General of World Assembly of Youth, Miss Ediola Pashollari introduced the theme of this year MIYD, 'Youth Engineering A Sustainable Urbanisation' during her opening remarks. She welcomed all participants to the dialogue and thanked all the youth organisations, government bodies, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, WAY Secretariat members, delegates and dignitaries for contributing their time and making themselves available for this event.She further stated that it is our duty to join hands and make contribution in solving issues such as urbanisation and to give young people a voice to speak up on this matter.

President of WAY, Hon. Datuk Seri Ir. Idris Haron, at his official remarks, presented on Youth and Urbanisation. He stated that the world has recently experienced an unprecedented increase in matters revolving around the subject of urbanisation which has led to both positive and negative effects.He also mentioned the importanceof having appropriate activities and right policies in order to support and invest in urban and marginalised youth at an early stage, offering ample opportunities for education, employment and inclusion as well as resilience for all.

The opening ceremony was then completed by awarding tokens of appreciation to the Guests of Honor and dignitaries present. Photos were also taken with all representatives from different countries, speakers, volunteers and partners.

During the three plenary sessions, there were motivating speakers from different countries including the Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Iraqi, Nigeria, Gambia, Fiji, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nepal and Palestine. They presentedon the impacts of urbanisation on both its challenges and opportunities, youth voices towards a sustainable urbanisation and the role of CSOs and NGOs at global, regional and local levels.

The sessions were educational as speakers shared their knowledge and awareness on urbanisation. We applaud young people for interacting with speakers during the question and answer section. After that, the day ended with astounding cultural performances from all participants, volunteers and staffs.

Overall, it marked another exceptional event led by the World Assembly of Youth. We look forward to two more luminous days!



Day 3: Workshop

Melaka, 26th June 2018 – TODAY, 26th June 2018, was a day filled with bright ideas and commitment! Youth leaders from around the world discussed their thoughts and opinions into recommendations, which will be adopted for urbanisation policy discussions. The recommendations were derived from the given theme: The Role of All Stakeholders in Attainment of a Sustainable Urbanisation.

Time was given to all participants to discuss in groups on the principal concerns of young people worldwide, advancing those with direct implications for their well-being, now, and in the future. The youth were divided into several groups and asked to interact among one another within the group, developed ideas, and suggested solutions that would be presented after their discussions.

The day-long workshop was based on the role of all stakeholders in attainment of a sustainable urbanisation. The platform was given to participants as an opportunity to develop their ideas and allow others to recommend the best ways to address issues of urbanisation for all stakeholder including public sector, private sector, non-government organisations, media and young people. During the presentations, they all expressed the points they felt had some impact on their lives.

At the evening, a meeting to draft the declaration based on the recommendations pertaining to youth and urbanisation was convened upon their return from refreshing and dinner. The purpose was for all participants to consolidate their different views and perspectives related to the issues of urbanisation and finalise the document with the most suitable solutions and recommendations.

Interesting philosophies, new knowledge, and practical thinking were passed around by speakers and participants creating magnificent discussions, upon which some agreed and others agreed to disagree but which led to a useful and accessible, final document.

It was an incredible and positive end to another fruitful day.



Day 4: Closing Ceremony

Melaka, 27th June 2018 - THE last day of the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue was filled with many remarkable moments. The day began with the presentation of the 18th MIYD Draft Declaration which was later adopted by all participants present. Everyone participated well proving that they, indeed, paid attention to the advice and feedback given by various speakers from the past days and their peers during the workshop.

Later on, in the day, the participants were taken for an excursion to the Puteri Beach where the participants enjoyed theirleisure and activities and took a lot of photos. At the conclusion of that relaxing momentsin the beach, all participants and special guests returned to the hotel to prepare for the gala dinner.

The farewell gala dinner and closing ceremony was held later that night at the Pantai Puteri Hotel Ballroom. Guests included the President of the World Assembly of Youth, Hon. Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Idris Haron, Vice Presidents of the World Assembly of Youth, representatives ofthe Asian Youth Council, the Commonwealth Youth Council, the Malaysian Youth Council and the Commonwealth Youth Innovation Centres,Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia,and the Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth.

WAY Secretary General, Miss Ediola Pashollari initiated the evening with her speech, where she welcomed and thanked all respected guests, speakers, sponsors, participants and volunteers. She stated that “youth should now take ownership to this declaration… they should take it to their peers, organisations and other stakeholders, in their respective countries, for implementation”. She went on to appreciate all the participants for their efforts in making the 18th MIYD a fruitful and memorable dialogue.

Remarks were also given by the Secretary General of Asian Youth Council, Dr Mohammed Maliki Mohammed Rapiee .The pulpit was later left for Hon. Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Idris Haron, the President of World Assembly of Youth. He appreciated the participants for their time and patience during this dialogue and everyone who has made themselves present from the beginning of this dialogue to the end. He ended his speech by thanking the organisers and sponsors for their kind assistance and endless hard work. At the end of the gala ceremony, the sponsors and partners were awarded with tokens of appreciation. Besides that, the MIYD volunteers were later thanked and awarded with certificates for their dedication and valuable efforts, without them the 18th MIYD could have not been a great success.

The celebration was concluded with a photo session with partners, speakers, volunteers and sponsors. The night ended with many tremendous cultural performances, magnificent band show, exciting dances and a lot of laughter while all young people with great minds mingled.

A night to remember! Without a doubt, it was not only a successful but also a mesmerizing and entertaining one!



Day 5: Departure Day

Melaka, 28th June 2018 – TODAY is the last day of the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue, as everyone was saying their goodbyes to each other. The participants, delegates and speakers were all delighted for the experience and knowledge gained during this dialogue but sad as they departed. Though it was a disheartening moment but we, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), believe that we should not say ‘farewell’, instead, we should all say ‘see you’ as we are looking forward to the next year’s 19th MIYD, with more mirth and jubilant moments.

We also would like to exploit this opportunity to thank all partners, sponsors, organising committee, volunteers and all parties who were dedicatedly involved in making this dialogue a grand success. Our honour and gratitude are also dedicated to all participants of the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue who worked so hard in constructing the declaration which contains a number of recommendations for implementation by stakeholders including Public Sector, Private Sector, NGOs/ IGOs, Media and young people alike. In addition, participants also established commitments and outcomes in pursuit of a sustainable urbanisation and resilient cities globally.

The participants of the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue recognised the importance of empowering and equipping the young people with the right knowledge, skills and proper attitude towards addressing the issues of urbanisation. In line with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), young people should be at the forefront of universal transformation including tackling urbanisation issues. Hence, we believe that with the continuous support of all the stakeholders, we should reach our desired goal.

We are delightful to witness all the young people participated in this dialogue were so determined to go back and disseminate the declaration in their countries and to engineer a sustainable urbanisation. We, in the World Assembly of Youth, are both grateful and blessed to always have your support and we shall count on youth leaders, especially from our member organisations and 18th MIYD participants, in channelling the declaration to the right stakeholders.



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The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking recognises the severe impact that illicit drugs have on health, development, peace and security. Around 190,000 people die due to illicit drugs every year. But the damage visited upon lives and communities does not stop there. Drug use damages health in the form of debilitating HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis, while drug trafficking nourishes money laundering, and deadly terrorism. Corruption, the great enabler of organized crime, exists throughout the drug supply chain.


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Refugees are vulnerable and in need, and are often misunderstood and maligned, and often have very little or nothing of their possessions and little food, they often have to leave their homes with nothing or with what they can carry. They suffer cold, hunger, trauma, despair, disease, violence and loss. The awareness day is to help public understanding of refugees as well as raising support and help.