World Food Day

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Understanding the struggles societies face, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has decided to observe 16th October annually as the World Food Day. The day is widely used as a channel for creating solidarity among a variety of stakeholders nationally and internationally. It is a drive for these stakeholders to work together to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, especially in developing countries where poverty is high. The day is also used as a tool to educate societies on the roots of global hunger and methods to end it.

The theme for this year's World Food Day is, "Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition". This theme focuses on finding out and achieving progressive agricultural development that has sustainability in food security for future generations. Many members of society have unhealthy diets that create health complications. It needs to be understood that it is not about the quantity of food but it is about the quality of food that people eat.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DISASTER REDUCTION: “Living with Disability and Disaster”

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Today was selected by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness on the importance of Disaster Risk Reduction and to encourage every citizen and government to take part in building more disaster-resilient communities and nations. This year the theme focuses on a vulnerable population of the society, persons living with disability.

Estimated at 15%, people living with disability make up a large portion of the world population. In an event of a disaster, persons with disabilities are often the ones affected the most due to neglect of their special needs. Disaster does not see the ability or disability among the people and when it strikes it does so without discriminating.

The International Day of Non-Violence

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There are many causes that I am prepared to die for, but no causes that I am prepared to kill for

/Mahatma Gandhi/

Often described as "the politics of ordinary people", the principle of non-violence rejects the use of physical violence in order to achieve social or political change. The current situation only perpetuates and points to the relevance and importance of striving for the widespread recognition of this principle. Across the globe hundreds of thousands of lives are being lost more frequently, as people resort to violence and armed conflict as the ultimate means of putting their views across.

International Day of Peace: "Education for Peace"

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Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.

- Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952)

We live in a world where selfishness, thirst for power and conflicts emerge on a daily basis and peace is a universal dream we all hope to achieve one day. Various stakeholders have come up with many possible solutions and ways to bring the world together and to establish peace among nations, and among people.

The International Day of Democracy : 'Strengthening voices for democracy:to understand, to embrace and to influence.'

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Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal.

– Aristotle

According to preamble of resolution of International Day of Democracy, Democracy is defined as 'a universal value based on the freely-expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems, and their full participation in all aspects of life'. In other words, Democracy simply is from people, by people and for people; People are its only possible spark and drive!