way-volAt World Assembly of Youth (WAY), we recognise the effort put in by our volunteers and their contributions towards all programmes and activities in our global community. Since its establishment in year 2006, the World Assembly of Youth’s Volunteer Programme was initiated as a platform that would link youth who seek to develop a dedicated group that are willing to assist WAY in its programmes and activities around the world. This programme works towards the elevation of youth and their development into leaders who are willing to donate some of their time and energy to support WAY in achieving its goals and aims.

This programme aims at bringing together youth of different age, race, background, and ethic group, to interact and share ideas while fulfilling their duties as volunteers. It also strives to develop the youth by exposing them to an environment in which they get to realise their full potential and explore their untapped capabilities.

Currently, WAY has over 1200 volunteers from all over the world, striving to make a difference. Volunteers gain experience and become very innovative while participating in this programme, some of these innovative ideas they execute in their respective locations. The members shall have the opportunity to meet people, make contacts, form relationships, and thus gain access to business-related benefits such as: career advice, job leads, business referrals, useful information, and emotional support.

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To increase inter-ethnic respect and foster inter-cultural and international understanding and cooperation;
To promote the interchange of ideas between youth of all countries;
To assist in the development of youth activities and promote mutual collaboration among youth organisations;
To cooperate in the development of national youth councils and voluntary youth organisations;

Requirements for a WAY volunteer

18-35 years of age.
Be able to speak at least one of  three (3) WAY languages ( English, French, and Spanish)
Be determined and willing to make a difference.
Be available to travel locally and internationally.
Be able to join international relief and emergency programmes coordinated by WAY.


The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) aims for the youth to get utmost benefit from this service, therefore we wish to request that the following are observed:

  1. Volunteers' application form should be filled and submitted to the WAY Secretariat.
  2. Volunteers should speak at least one of the official languages of WAY (English, French and/or Spanish).
  3. Volunteers should adhere to the organsiation's policies and procedures. 
  4. Volunteers should be accountable, punctual, and reliable.
  5. Volunteers should deal with complaints in appropriate manner. 
  6. Volunteers should consult with the concerned WAY staff before implementing any tasks or activities.
  7. During programmes, attention should be devoted equally to all participants and favouritism must be avoided at all times.
  8. Volunteers should take responsibility for activities assigned to him / her during their placement.
  9. Volunteers should not engage in any missionary activities or political activities during their placement.
  10. Volunteers should be comfortably and appropriately dressed, abiding by the dress codes as given in the agenda.
  11. Volunteers should ask for support when needed and support other team members once they have completed their tasks and duties.
  12. Volunteers should make the most of their time to gain the neccessary knowledge and skills during the programme.
  13. Volunteers should give notice if his / her availibility changes or decides on leaving the organsiation.
  14. Volunteers' membership agreetment shall be terminated if and when they project any behaviour distresses at the volunteer placement or the organisation.

Join us by filling up the form below:

Registration Form (PDF)