As an international-scaled organisation whose aims are not only at its contribution of actively resolving youth-related matters but also its coordination of national youth councils, the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) has been known for its concern towards welfare of youth. Being an organisation which closely involves young people, WAY has been specially conducting researches on issues or problems arisen and other relevant matters involving young people from all around the world.

In line with that, selection of twenty-one youth-related topics has been, until now, decided. The filtration and selection of those twenty-one topics were based on our observation towards any youth-related issues, problems or other relevant matters and those that mostly affect the development, quality of life and welfare of, today, young people were then chosen. The number of these topics may be changed in the future if we believe such additions or reductions are necessary and relevant towards the situation of young people at that particular period of time.

Currently, the twenty-one topics are divided into 14 youth-related issues including issues of Girls and Young Women, HIV/AIDS, Armed Conflicts, Democracy, Disability, Drugs, Education, Unemployment, Health, Human Rights, Population, Inter-Generational Relationships, Juvenile Delinquency and Poverty; 3 youth-related matters which are existed due to the trend of today life, including the matter of ICT, Globalisation, and Environment; and, at last, four topics which are closely related to the development of youth including the matters of Leisure-Activities, Volunteerism, Decision Making Process, Leadership Training, and Human Development. Interestingly, these twenty-one youth-topics are correlated to each other: for example, the issue of young girls and women contains issues like HIV/AIDS, Education, Un/employment, Drugs, Healthy, Poverty, and Juvenile Delinquency.

Youth and HIV/AIDS   The HIV/ AIDS pandemic has affected the world very badly. The statistics for the diseases keep on rising year after year. In 2011 thirty four million people were infected and living with... Read more
Youth and Leadership Training   It is common for young people to be faced with the responsibility of filling up leadership roles in important societal institutions. The drawback that then always hinders their progress is... Read more
Youth and Globalization   Globalisation affects the youth and the whole society at large. Global transformations that range from cultural, historical, technological, and demographic changes require youth to develop... Read more
Youth and Environment   Human beings and the environment are two things that codependent on one another. The problem today is that many people are ignorant and oblivious of their responsibility to the environment... Read more
Youth Hunger and Poverty   Poverty is a worldwide predicament, no continent nor is any society immune to it. It deprives people of their basic human needs and it hinders community development and in the process... Read more
Youth and Employment   Employment is a major concern among all societies with youth as the main affected by the issue. Recently the world has seen a meltdown in economies causing layoffs, underemployment, and... Read more
Youth and Human Development   Development in terms of biological and psychological aspects is completely normal for human beings. Human development studies focus more on psychological development of humans due to the... Read more
Youth and Population   Populations concerns are a major issue among societies and their devastating impacts affect the youth most as they are the larger portion of the world population. There are four major... Read more
Youth and Democracy There is a need to cultivate a culture of democratic participation, especially among young people. Young people nowadays are equipped with equal and better opportunities to access information and... Read more
Youth and Leisure Time Activities   All societies recognise the importance of leisure time activities in the psychological, cognitive, civic, vocational and physical development of young people. That is why most cultures have... Read more
Youth and Drug Abuse Consumption of drugs is said to be abusive if users use them for recreational motives rather than for their medical benefits. Drugs that are consumed for recreational reasons contain psychoactive... Read more
Youth and Health   Healthy and happy adolescents are in a better place to give out and to be the pillars and strengths of their societies as young citizens notwithstanding the major shifts occurring in the... Read more
Youth and Armed Conflict Involvement of youth in armed conflict is due to the fact that the youth are passive victims in war. However, it has been noted that some of the youth, especially males are a threat to world peace.... Read more
Youth Participation In Decision Making   The term youth participation and youth involvement are often used interchangeably. Youth participation is the active and meaningful involvement of young people in various activities within... Read more
Girls and Young Women Girls and young women have over the years been prone to social ills compared to their male counterparts. They have been victims of abuse, sexual, physical, and emotional. Sexual abuse has led them... Read more
Youth and Education   Education plays a very crucial factor in developing the creative thinking ability of young people and providing all the necessary skills and knowledge that are required to shape a... Read more
Juvenile Delinquency The number of minors committing crimes in states that have declared by law that a minor lacks responsibility and thus may not be sentenced as an adult keeps on escalating every day. The issue has... Read more
Youth and ICT   Information and Communication Technology (ICT) presents both opportunities and challenges in terms of social and development inclusion of youth. Youth tend to be creative, adaptable, and... Read more
Youth and Human Rights   The knowledge and understanding of human rights is very important to each and every individual. There are two fundamental categories of human rights, substantive rights and legal rights.... Read more
Youth and Intergenerational Relations   Intergenerational relations are a part of each and every society. They have substantial effects on the lives of the old and young population. They are centered on sharing knowledge, cultural... Read more
Youth and Disability The number of disabled youth has been increasing gradually and has thus resulted in heightened concern in relation to their rights and well-being. Three to five hundred million people... Read more