High Level Panel Event on International HPV Awarness Day

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Dear members, 
We are pleased to invite you to observe the IPVS' International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD), a day where countries around the world unite in the common goal of raising awareness of HPV and its related cancers and diseases. Given everything that we are preoccupied with lately – the pandemic, climate change, social inequalities – we invite everyone to get the HPV vaccine and women and people with a cervix to get regular cervical screening, so we have One Less Worry.  
We are jointly organising an High Level Panel event on 4th March at 10:00 AM (EDT) for registration and more details please visit the following link: https://ipvsoc.org/event/high-level-panel-event/  
We are going to spread the One Less Worry campaign, and continue to promote HPV vaccination and regular cervical screening to prevent cervical cancer on daily basis till the Day, please do visit our social media platforms, follow and share!


 WAY Headquarters