Call for Application - NGOs interested to apply for ECOSOC Consultative Status

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Dear members,
We are happy to inform you that the United Nations recognises the fundamental role Civil Societies play in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the NGO Branch of the United Nations is calling upon the Non-Governmental Organisations to apply for consultative status with ECOSOC if they wish to be considered by the NGO Committee in 2023. Those interested should submit their application and required documents on or before the deadline, 1 June 2022.
NGOs interested in applying for ECOSOC consultative status should submit their application and required documents using the following link:
Please also be advised of the upcoming webinar organized by DESA NGO Branch on "Applying for ECOSOC Consultative Status". If you are interested to attend the webinar, please register at:
Webinar Details:
Webinar Flyer:
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Global Youth Service Day 2022

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Dear Members,
We are pleased to inform you that the 34th Annual Global Youth Service Day is April 29 - May 1, 2022. GYSD is the largest youth service and civic action event in the world and the only one that celebrates and asks all young people ages 5-25 to help our communities and democracy thrive by working together for the common good.
The third of our three goals for this year's GYSD is to help democracy thrive by registering and educating new young voters. ~4 million people turn 18 each year and become eligible to vote. GYSD is partner of When We All Vote’s campaign to recruit 100,000 volunteers who will register more than one million new voters in 2022. Here are 3 types of suggested activities:
Voter Registration Activities
- Register to vote or check your registration status at
- K-12 Schools: Make your school a civic engagement and voter registration hub with My School Votes. Rock the Vote, League of Women Voters, Learning for Justice, and The Civics Center also have voter registration resources for high schools.
Voter Education Activities
- Create your own nonpartisan voter guides.
Issue Advocacy Activities
- Organize a Community Dialogue About an Issue
- Develop a Policy Proposal & Advocacy Campaign
- Create Media and Become a Citizen or Student Journalist
- Connect with Local Public Officials
- Volunteer with a Local Campaign or Run for Office Yourself
Find ideas and planning tools at If you register a project/activity by April 28, post a picture or video on any social media platform using #GYSD22, and submit an impact report by May 20, you will be eligible to be selected for a $100 or $250 GYSD Award supported by The Allstate Foundation for a future project.
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Press Release: From Youth to Youth - Dialogues from Local to Global

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February 26, 2022

The Network of Local Youth Councils in Morocco organized a two-day meeting in Rabat, on February 26 and 27, Youth to Youth: From Local to Global in partnership with Asia TV as media partner and several international partners, including the UN Habitat Youth Advisory Board and Major Group for Children and Youth.
The hybrid meeting enjoyed a physical presence of young Moroccans from various cities of the Kingdom, as well as a virtual presence of young international leaders. Participants came from 20 countries around the world including: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Brunei, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Nepal, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, UK, USA. The event was also supported by regional youth councils: Asian Youth Council, Arab Youth Platform for Sustainable Development, Pan-African Youth Union, Foro Latino Americano y Caribeño Juventudes, and global organizations: UN Habitat Youth Advisory Board, Major Group for Children and Youth, and World Assembly of Youth.
The meeting forged synergies between local Moroccan youth and international youth councils, by exchanging shared challenges and best practices related to youth representations at the local, national, regional and global levels. It also served as a platform to exchange mutually-beneficial ideas on improving international youth-youth cooperation between various models of international councils, with the message that real, sustainable change should start from the local.
During this meeting, the participants attended a panel discussion, in particular, between the Kingdom of Morocco, the United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt and India, Bangladesh and China, exemplifying representation of various geographies and contexts around the world.
The meeting ended with the signing of a memorandum of understanding protocol amongst the various international councils to continue the dialogues and to organize the first edition of the World Congress of Youth Councils in the Kingdom of Morocco.
The statement of the head of the Network of Local Youth Councils in Morocco: “The purpose of the meeting was to promote youth dialogue between different countries and at the same time to raise the voices of the local agency. What distinguished the meeting from the rest, was the confidence of the participating countries that Morocco would host the first edition of the World Congress of Youth Councils, which confirms Morocco's pioneering role at all levels. High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him.
Local, national and regional youth councils send greetings of solidarity to all young people around the globe. While recognizing that shared problems call for shared solutions, we salute all efforts of youth during the pandemic and many other global issues we are facing. As international delegations, we pledge to meet as necessary, and come together in the spirit of cooperation, From Youth to Youth, to constantly discuss meaningful youth engagement, exchange best practices and promote youth-to-youth leadership, from global ideas, to local actions.
The Global Youth Councils Congress will be hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco in the year 2022 to promote meaningful representation of young people, from youth leaders to their fellow youth. Together, we aspire to achieve the following: To encourage the mutual development of all youth councils worldwide through dialogues and other capacity building workshops. and To promote the Sustainable Development Goals within our own communities, while supporting youth leaders, peacebuilders, volunteers, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and all other youth, to be their own agents of positive change.

26 février 2022
Le Réseau des Conseils Locaux des Jeunes au Maroc a organisé une rencontre qui s’est étalée sur deux jours à Rabat, les 26 et 27 février : De Jeunes à Jeunes, en partenariat avec Asia TV en tant que partenaire média et plusieurs partenaires internationaux, dont l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour la jeunesse et l’enfance.
La réunion s’est déroulée entre une présence physique des jeunes marocains de diverses villes du royaume, ainsi qu’une présence virtuelle de jeunes leaders internationaux de plus de 20 pays du monde entier. La rencontre, qui a duré deux jours, avait pour objectifs de mettre la jeunesse marocaine en contact direct avec divers dirigeants et amis internationaux, d'échanger les idées et les expériences réussies liées à l'engagement des jeunes au niveau local.
Les pays participants à cette réunion ont atteint 20 pays représentés par leurs conseils de jeunesse : Les États-Unis d'Amérique, le Royaume-Uni, la Malaisie, les Philippines, le Ghana, le Brésil, la Russie, le Royaume de Brunei, le Bangladesh, l'Égypte, la Chine, le Japon, la Gambie, Nigéria, El Salvador, Nepal.La rencontre était riche en partage d’expériences réussies des membres des conseils de jeunes de différents pays du globe, ainsi qu'un échange d'idées sur la possibilité d'améliorer la coopération internationale jeunesse-jeunesse entre divers conseils internationaux pour but d’améliorer davantage la participation des jeunes au niveau local, et qu'un véritable changement devrait démarrer de ce qui est local. Durant cette rencontre, les participants ont assisté à un échange d’essai, de savoir et de connaissances de certains pays, notamment, le Royaume du Maroc, le Royaume-Uni, Bangladesh et de la Chine, et avec le reste des pays participants, une discussion a été entamée au sujet d’un réseautage des conseils des jeunes dans le monde.
La rencontre s'est conclue par la signature d'un protocole d'accord entre les différents conseils internationaux pour organiser la première édition du congrès mondial des conseils des jeunes au royaume du Maroc.
La déclaration du responsable du Réseau des Conseils Locaux des Jeunes au Maroc: « La rencontre avait pour but de promouvoir le dialogue juvénile entre différents pays et en même temps de bénéficier d'expériences internationales réussies. Ce qui distinguait la rencontre, et surtout l’enrichissait, était la confiance des pays participants pour que le Maroc accueille la première édition du congrès mondial des conseils des jeunes, ce qui confirme et renforce le rôle pionnier du Maroc à tous les niveaux Sous le Haut-Patronage de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI, que Dieu l’assiste.
From Youth to Youth

High Level Panel Event on International HPV Awarness Day

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Dear members, 
We are pleased to invite you to observe the IPVS' International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD), a day where countries around the world unite in the common goal of raising awareness of HPV and its related cancers and diseases. Given everything that we are preoccupied with lately – the pandemic, climate change, social inequalities – we invite everyone to get the HPV vaccine and women and people with a cervix to get regular cervical screening, so we have One Less Worry.  
We are jointly organising an High Level Panel event on 4th March at 10:00 AM (EDT) for registration and more details please visit the following link:  
We are going to spread the One Less Worry campaign, and continue to promote HPV vaccination and regular cervical screening to prevent cervical cancer on daily basis till the Day, please do visit our social media platforms, follow and share!


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