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ON Saturday morning a delegation of twenty two young people from the Malaysia- Palestine Youth Movement (MPYM) paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY). This delegation was touring Malaysia from 28th February to 9th March 2013 with the aim to enhance the power and potential of youth development and peace building for Palestine. This tour focused on three-point agendas for dynamic transformation including Education, Economy and Social Development.

The delegation consisted of youth leaders and social activists from both Malaysia and Palestine. The first 11 members were led by joint-President from Malaysia, Mr. Shahrul Nasrun Dato’ Kamarudin while the other 11 members were headed by the joint-President from Palestine, Mr. Mohammad Hasna. As part of the agenda, the delegation visited various youth organizations in Melaka including WAY. Upon arrival, they were greeted and welcomed by the Secretary General, Ms. Ediola Pashollari and other officers of the WAY Secretariat. During this visit, an introductory presentation of WAY was conducted followed by questions and answers on the work and activities of WAY, past and upcoming.

Mr. Hasna thanked the WAY officers present for taking their time to receive them and went on to provide information on the MPYM and youth in Palestine. He stated that more than half of the current population in Palestine is youth; therefore a significant body as that of WAY would be applauded. The delegation raised queries on the opportunities of involving Palestinian youth in WAY through membership either as an organization or individuals. In response, Ms. Ediola recommended for the formation of a national youth council or body and its importance, as it will serve to represent the youth and their issues in Palestine. She went on offering the assistance of WAY for the facilitation of its formation.

During the discussion on current issues faced by youth in Palestine, the gathering exchanged probable concepts to further strengthen their nation. Mr. Hasna suggested for the WAY Secretariat to invite and involve the Palestinian youth in its upcoming activities. He went on to request a mutual collaboration with WAY for the Palestinian youth in organizing an international program founded not only to confront the issue of Peace but also Education, Social Development and exploring methods of incorporating youth participation in the decision making. In response, Ms. Ediola requested for a formal proposal to be submitted with regards to the international event intended. She assured them that WAY would fully support such an initiative. She also welcomed the delegation and Palestinian youth to participate in our upcoming activities and visit the WAY Headquarters as the doors of WAY are always open for all the youth around the world.

In his last words and on behalf of MPYM, Mr. Hasna expressed his appreciation and assured the selection of a representative to liaise with WAY and endure the communication on how to implement all that was discussed and recommended during this visit.

Ms. Ediola responded by thanking the delegation of MPYM for visiting the WAY headquarters and reiterated the importance of Palestinian youth and the role they play in the development of the society. She then directed the delegation to refreshments served which later concluded with a photo session.